Stories and Encounters – A Photography Workshop

This workshop combines photo analysis and practical photographic work. We'll raise consciousness about the constitution of a narrative and the communicative ability of the photograph. In addition to producing photo series, the participants will become skilled at looking at, reading and talking about photographs.

Throughout the course, the students will work on assignments that will help them discover and tell their stories in photographs. During each meeting, the participants will take pictures based on the task for the day. Together we will then look at and discuss the different images the group has come up with. There will also be work involving already existing photographs.

We will deal with issues such as subjectivity and objectivity, private and public, as well as technical issues like light situations. The workshop will also include collaborations between students, and some text work. We will explore a variety of aesthetic, practical and conceptual issues together, asking questions like "What is my attitude to the topic?" or "Where does this narrative begin or end?". On the last day, each participant will have their own photo series to show to the rest of the group.


No prior photographic experience is needed but the participants should have interest in working with content and form.


German / English


Each student should bring a digital or phone camera to every meeting.

Carla Åhlander is a Swedish-Italian artist based in Berlin. She mainly works with photography and deals with themes moving between memory and history. The immediate situations Åhlander documents in her photographs are rather subtle appearances of power relations and systems of order – in all shades and from the vocabulary of everyday life – situations where something is about to happen or could happen, taken from a multiple of contexts, often with no beginning or end in narrative terms.

Carla Åhlander teaches at the UdK – University of the Arts, Berlin, Bard College Berlin and Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin, among others. Her photographs have been shown in international museums, exhibition houses and biennials. Åhlander's latest solo presentation was Geister at Scotty Enterprise, Berlin, together with Pauline Kraneis, currently she is preparing new work for a solo exhibition at Belmacz Gallery in London.

Run period:
30.08.2022 – 02.09.2022
Course time:
10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Application Deadline:

Course fee:
EUR 430

Min. number of participants:
Max. number of participants:

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