Berlin Poster - Image Making in Experiments and on Risography

Pictorial staging of urban spaces is the theme of the workshop. The project consists of explorations in the city of Berlin and their translation into graphic images using the printing technique of risography. Different strategies of image making will be explored through experimental design tools. How can manual and technical methods be used to remix new visual expressions and how do they relate to urban reality?

Berlin as a public stage will be the trigger for our design process. Intangible moments shared with one another during field research, will be visually expressed using risography: Specific technical conditions influence the aesthetics in such a way, that the printing process becomes a creative tool in itself.


Our observations will find their way back into the public space as posters. This shows how an architectural scenery can be condensed into a graphic image to become a unique visual expression.


#UrbanSpace #Berlin #Architecture #VisualPoetry #Photography #ExperimentalDesignTools #Translation #Collage #Risography #Reproduction #PrintedPicture #Iconic #Poster 



The course consists of two parts: Explorations in the city and translations of these into graphic images. While inputs provide concrete examples from a professional perspective, individual mentoring will be the main teaching format. Presentations serve as a supportive format to share personal work with one another.


Knowledge Requirements

Basics in digital design tools (especially Photoshop).



– laptop with image editing and layout software

– mobile phone camera

– sketchbook and writing tools

Judith Holly is a graphic designer with a special interest in experimental design methods. In her practice, the public space („Pashkevilim in Mea Shearim“) as well as aspects of staging („Talking to Talking Images“) play central roles. She studied Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts (BA of Arts, 2018) and the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, before graduating in Iconic Research at the Basel School of Design (MA of Arts, 2021). Her design-ethnographic BA thesis has been published and presented several times (Tÿpo St. Gallen 2019, DGTF Annual Conference 2018, SGD Lecture 2020). Currently Judith Holly lives and works in Vienna.

Thomas Lehner is a graphic artist, author and lecturer. His focus lies on the poetry of graphic expression thus inventing new roles to challenge the discipline’s definition. While dedicating 10 years to applied communication design for art and culture (Thomas Lehner Studio, Berlin), he was teaching visual communication at the University of the Arts Berlin ( Holding a MA of Arts in Iconic Research (HGK Basel FHNW, 2021), he now lives and works in CH-Fribourg and Berlin. Instagram: @maler.mueller


Run period:
14.08.2023 – 17.08.2023
Course time:
10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Application Deadline:

Course fee:
EUR 560

Min. number of participants:
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