About Timm

Three years ago Tim moved from Stuttgart, where he did is bachelor degree, to Berlin. After one year as a freelance graphic designer he applied for the visual communication programme at the Berlin University of the Arts and is now part of Prof. Fons Hickmann's class. He focuses on print media - posters are his passion and typography is his interest.


How did the project come about?

In my class we generally have a primary project which lasts the whole semester. It is nice to have side projects like this one for the Summer University where the focus is on poster design. For many people poster design is the supreme discipline within the graphic design.


How did it take place?

We got the request to design a poster for the Summer University. Everyone in my class could hand in a draft. We had two weeks to make a concept and draft of the poster. After one week there was a interim presentation and in the second week the final presentation.

What ideas did you have for the poster?

Our guidelines were to integrate the themes summer and university so it would be easily comprehensible on an international level. My approach was fairly easy. For me the color yellow perfectly reflects the theme summer, whereas the bottom part of the poster entails the information. The poster leaves much room for interpretation. The space division ensures this because there is no direct symmetrical relation between the spaces. And also because my poster sweats at the upper right corner. It seems rather simple at first sight but for this reason it provides plenty of associations. I like that.


What else?

In his office in Wedding Timm likes to work experimentally, also sometimes far away from inDesign and Illustrator. Between January, 20th until 22nd for example, he exhibited a series of soccer jerseys at the Kunstgalerie Kreuzberg Pavillon which he designed together with refugee children within his master thesis.

The 2016 Design by Timm Hartmann: Flyer

Photo credit: Annika Hallerberg