• Online: Wandering Site — Inspiration Across Disciplinary Boundaries

    This seminar allows interdisciplinary collaboration through the process of aesthetic transformation. We will start the process from a unique place in the Berlin cityscape and develop individual concepts from there....

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    Course Fee:
    EUR 550
  • Self-Marketing for Women Artists

    Self-marketing means understanding the specifics of your work and being able to promote it: What makes it unique? ls it worth exhibiting or buying? With a special focus on warnen artists' self-marketing, we will...

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  • Transitions — Drawing and Space

    This drawing workshop explores transition spaces of the urban Berlin and experiments with the process of drawing in an open and interpretive manner. The emphasis will be put on practical artistic work in combination...

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  • Online: Editing for Film and Video Art

    This workshop examines how filmmakers and video artists can use editing to create and clarify the meaning of the content. After watching and discussing video clips from a wide range of movies, the participants will...

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  • Finding the Stories — A Photography Workshop

    This workshop combines analytical and practical photographic work. We will learn about what constitutes
    a narrative and how to create meaningful Images. In addition to producing photo series, the participants will...

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  • Iron Printing in Blue — A Cyanotype Workshop

    This practical course will explore the diversity of the cyanotype process, one of the first photographic techniques. The focus will lie on its application in the participants' artistic work and discussion of cyanotype

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