The Berlin Summer University of the Arts 2020 went quite differently than expected. We began euphorically and with anticipation, but then March hit us with the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. It quickly became clear to us that BSUA 2020 wouldn't be able to stick to its usual schedule and keep its set format. We couldn't personally welcome our participants in Berlin like we always do, and tried to adapt as many courses to the online format as we could. While we succeeded with some of them, others that benefited from the personal presence, had to be cancelled. Despite that, we would like to thank our great participants and lecturers who were willing to compromise and made this programme happen.

Now the preparations for the coming year are underway. We are glad to share the new summer school design on our homepage, where we will be publishing the programme for 2021 with a thrilling variety of workshop offers very soon. Even though it's not clear yet in which format the courses will take place, we're hoping to welcome you here in Berlin and at the Berlin Summer University of the Arts because we miss the personal exchange and interaction so much. 

Until the new programme is out, stay healthy and energized! 
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The Summer University of the Arts is home to a multitude of workshops and courses incorporating all disciplines of the Berlin University of the Arts: Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Design and Music, Creative Entrepreneurship, Self Marketing and Arts Management.

Exp. — Questions of Perception in Art and Science with Yutaka Makino


This course is designed for undergraduate and graduate students of different fields to gain knowledge on perception through experiences in experiments on perception and demonstrations of different perceptual phenomena. The experiments on perception will be performed and discussed in relation to contemporary artworks in order to understand the intertwined history of art and psychology.


"The course helped me to gain a lot of experience in sound which I didn't have before and prepared me for my sound art career academically. The teacher and classmates were really great. We worked both independently and in teams. I came there without any technical knowledge and it was great that people from different background could work together and support each other."

 — a participant of TRANZIT ZONE PAVILLION workshop

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