Berlin Summer University of the Arts

Creative minds from around the globe, join us to study in Berlin and meet artists and creatives from around the world! Here you will have the chance to challenge your perception, transitional and communicational skills, explore artistic perspectives and creatively express yourself in workshops across a wide range of artistic disciplines.

Passionate teachers will guide you through the process of developing your artistic voice and visual language, to realize your ideas and share them with like-minded people by building a network that might be relevant for your future projects.

Get inspired by the unique atmosphere, explore your interests and dive into the metropolis of creativity at one of the biggest and most multifaceted universities of the arts in Europe.

Berlin Career College

The Berlin Summer University of the Arts is presented by the Berlin Career College, which is responsible for continuing education at the Berlin University of the Arts. Accreditation courses, master programmes and workshops for artists, creatives and enthusiasts looking to broaden their horizons and expand their skill sets at one of the largest art universities in Europe. The broad spectrum of courses is based on our current research on skill requirements in today’s creative industries.

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