Summer University 2013

The Summer University of the Arts (SUA) at the Berlin University of the Arts offered between July 15th and October 13th, 2013 a wide range of outstanding seminars and courses from its various departments: performing arts, visual arts, design and music. The spectrum of courses, ranging from classical master classes to experimental and academic workshops, is an opportunity for international artists of all disciplines to experience the traditional as well as contemporary expertise of the Berlin University of the Arts.

The Summer University also includes a creative entrepreneurship program sponsored by the European Regional Development Fund of the Berlin Senate Chancellery - Cultural Affairs. The International Summer School of Creative Entrepreneurship (ISSCE) offers artists and creatives of all disciplines as well as designers and creative entrepreneurs varied courses, conceived and developed by internationally renowned instructors, in areas such as: Networking and Communication, Career Planning and Self-Marketing, Creative Entrepreneurship and Organisation and Arts Management.

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