If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to write us an email: summer-courses[at]udk-berlin.de, and we’ll do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.


I’m in interested in your courses / your program and I want to know more! Where can I get more info?

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English. In some cases, depending on demand, the courses may also be taught in both English and German; most of our instructors are fluent in both languages.

Course length varies from several days to up to roughly 3 weeks. However, most of them run for about a week.

In 2017 we offer courses in the Fine Arts, Architecture, Music, Arts Management, Creative Entrepreneurship, Design and Service Design, Interdisciplinary, Self Marketing and Performing Arts.

The fee depends on the duration of the course.

We issue official certificates upon successful completion of the respective course(s), however we do not issue university credits. Please consult the respective student administration center, etc. at your university regarding course recognition and/or the awarding of credits / credit transfer.

Unfortunately, we do not offer full fellowships for our programm, although we expect to offer several partial scholarships for extraordinary applicants to our art courses. Visit our scholarships page for current information.

Apart from this we encourage you to consult the many international grant and support programs for information about external fellowships.

No, unfortunately you cannot. Please do note that the BSUA, though a subsidiary of the UdK, operates an independent course program. Therefore acceptance into or participation in the BSUA or ISSCE does not imply or constitute acceptance as a degree candidate to the UdK Berlin.

How do I apply?

Registration is possible online via the registration page on our website.

The admission requirements vary from course to course. Please consult the course website of the workshop you are interested in for further details. General application requirements include a letter of motivation and current CV - please visit our registration page for more information.

You will receive an invoice shortly (max 3 - 4 days) after you have registered for a course via the online portal on our website. Payment should become due at the latest 30 days after the invoice has been issued.

If your budget or financial situation requires a payment by instalments, please leave us a message in the comment section of the registration form.

These documents are required so that the instructors have a chance to review the applicants before the course starts and, if applicable, specifically tailor special content to meet needs and desires of the paricipants.

Note: Unfortunatelly, we can not process your application until we receive these documents, so don't forget to send them with your application!

We do not stipulate specific requirements for the letter of motivation, however good examples usually attempt to answer at least the following four questions:

1. Why do you want to participate in the BSUA program?

2. What personal and/or academic background qualifies you for the chosen cours(s)?

3. What do you expect to gain from the course/s you are applying to?

4. How do you plan to apply the knowledge learned during the BSUA program upon completion of the course, for example after returning to your home city/country and/or job?

Are the course venues wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most of the university buildings are completely accessible, however some courses include outings around the city, where we are unfortunately unable to guarantee accessibility. Please contact us mentioning the course(s) you are interested in and we would be happy to provide you more detailed information.

Most of the courses take place in the buildings of the UdK located on the Campus Charlottenburg in central West Berlin, however some courses also include interactive outings around the city.

I’m coming from outside of Germany/Europe. Do I need visa to participate?

In most cases, a tourist visa is sufficient for participation in the BSUA; as none of our courses runs longer than a month, a student visa is not required. There are many different travel agreements between Germany and international countries outside of Europe. Please consult your foreign office for more information / to find out what kind of visa you need, if applicable.

Unfortunately, we cannot. As our courses are short seminars and workshops and not a full university course of study, we are unable to sponsor student visa applications via our program.