• Drawing in the Nature Lab

    The graphic preoccupation with nature teaches seeing in the sense of conscious perception. Through eye and hand, drawing helps to gain an embodied understanding of the form. In the play with translation and abstraction,...

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  • Online: Exp. – Questions of Perception in Art and Science

    Experiment, Experience, Exploration

    This course is designed for undergraduate and graduate students of different fields to gain knowledge on perception through experiences in experiments on perception and demonstrations...

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  • Online: Aesthetic Transformations: Inspiration Across Disciplinary Borders

    How does inspiration come about? How do we find ideas? How can we create work together having various disciplinary backgrounds and working with different media and techniques?

    In this workshop, we will focus...

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  • Online: Berlin Appeals 2021 – Poster Design Workshop

    Posters are a public matter. As life-sized images, they dominate in the public space and affect us with their unavoidable messages. This relationship between the poster and space will be the focus of the workshop....

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