Welcome to the Berlin Summer University of the Arts! Every summer since 2012, we’ve been opening
our doors for workshops across the range of disciplines: Fine and Performing Arts, Design, Music, Creative Entrepreneurship, Arts Management, and Self-Marketing. All that in the heart of Germany’s
biggest and most inspiring city. A team of passionate teachers and coaches offer a supportive   environment where you can challenge yourself in creative expression and critical thinking, find your artistic voice and visual language, realise your ideas, share them with like-minded people and build
up a network that will be relevant for your career. Join us to study in Berlin and meet artists and
creatives from around the globe. Get inspired by the unique atmosphere, explore your interests and dive into the metropolis of creativity at one of the biggest and most multi-faceted universities of the arts in the world.

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Get to know the Berlin Summer University of the Arts

The Summer University of the Arts is home to a multitude of workshops and courses incorporating all disciplines of the Berlin University of the Arts: Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Design and Music, Creative Entrepreneurship, Self Marketing and Arts Management.


The Drama Works: Workshop with David Spencer and John von Düffel

„Going into the process with a piece of advice and challenge took my work to the next level.“

„I have started to write my own play during my time at the BSUA and developed a concept. The input from the workshop motivated me to finish the first draft within two months.“

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