Leadership for Innovation. How to manage Creative Teams

This three-day workshop shows participants strategies and tools for creative leadership and post-hierarchical management. We explore which structures and processes enable teams to collaborate effectively and thrive in complexity.

Knowledge workers and creatives „work differently“. Members of the so-called Generation Y - young professionals who currently enter the labor market - want to have fun at work and make an impact with it. To implement innovate products and services organizations have to innovate their structures and processes, as well. Traditional management approaches and leadership styles are limited when it comes to directing and enabling creative teams.

In this three day workshop, participants are introduced to different strategies and tools for creative leadership. We explore which structures and processes enable teams to collaborate effectively and thrive in complexity. Attendees are enabled to evaluate different management approaches and choose leadership models that fit their organization.


  • Culture quest tour through Berlin to discover different management styles
  • Design Thinking as an approach to innovate and manage complexity
  • Post-hierarchical management for cross-disciplinary teams
  • Analogies and metaphors as a way to develop new structures
  • Decision making and collaboration tools for creative teams
  • Evaluation and analysis of corporate cultures and „new work“ initiatives
  • Cultural Hacking as a way to step-by-step implement change


During the workshop, we will visit different organizations in Berlin like start-ups, NGOs and agencies. With that culture quest tour, we want to compare and learn from different management models and derive insights for your own organizations. The coaches will give short inputs and use their own experiences in developing their own innovative company as examples. Mainly, participants will work in teams on specific challenges and hands-on exercises. We offer special team-building exercises and
collaboration tools that attendees can use within their own organizations.


This workshop is for young and experienced professionals, aspiring or serial entrepreneurs, members of Generation Y or generation X, managers or employees. Leadership experiences in diverse organizations are welcomed but not necessary. Participants should be curious, willing to collaborate with others and passionate about their field of expertise. The workshop does not provide attendees with specific
„recipes“ to directly implement in their organizations. It rather aims at enabling them to evaluate corporate cultures and working towards the changes that fit their teams.


The coaches are co-founders of Dark Horse Innovation. The Berlin-based agency develops user-centered services and products and helps clients to build and maintain a collaborative, innovation-friendly working culture. To be innovative, you have to do something differently - this truism is the basis of Dark Horse, where 30 young cofounders from 25 disciplines work together without any hierarchies whatsoever. Since 2009, Dark Horse has worked with corporate clients like SAP, Audi and Deutsche
Bahn and established strong links to the Berlin start-up scene. In 2014, Dark Horse published a book „Thank God it’s Monday“ (in German) about the digital transformation and its impact on the present and future of work.

Jeong Hong Oh is a co-founder of Dark Horse Innovation, specialising in design thinking, service design and start-up thinking. Jeong Hong has consulted several startups and companies on developing business strategies as well as implementing new solutions in innovation projects for clients like DHL, Volkswagen and Bayer. He also enjoys developing new culture hacks in the business context and testing them.

Run period:
19.09.2016 – 21.09.2016
Course time:
10.00 am – 5.00 pm
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Course fee:
EUR 490

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