Stereoscopic Etudes

This course will investigate exemplary strategies of stereo 3D image making as artistic expression. We will realise this by exploring practical excercises of making and spectating.

On the practical part of the artistic use of stereo3D image making:

Stereoscopic image making, especially filmmaking has seen many ups and downs. The recent hype, started in 2009 and now going down again, is slightly different. The digitization of the production eased many challenges and enabled a democratized access to this method. This leads to a growing use of stereo3D in the context of filmmaking, photography and visual art.

Hence stereo3D still counts as infantile and reduced to its „effect“. I think stereo3D offers so many potentials that it will lead to an improved visual vocabulary. But what we know about images doesn’t help very much. Image makers have to start from scratch again.

This course will investigate exemplary strategies of stereo3D image making. We will have a look at contemporary and older stereoscopic works. We will wander around the topic 3D by reading comics and talk about ancient paintings. Finally we will try it on our own in praxis. And we will ask ourselves „What else could be done?“.

Björn Speidel studied Experimental Mediadesign at the UdK-Berlin and finished in 2008 as Meisterschüler of Heinz Emigholz. Following he received an one year NaföG scholarship. Recently Björn Speidel works as Künstlerischer Mitarbeiter (assistant professor) at the Filminstitut, UdK-Berlin. His experimental films explore the relationship between image and imaging surface. Björn Speidel’s recent works deal with questions about the metapanel, offscreen and stereo3D. His movies are shown at international festivals. Björn Speidel was the programmer of the Theme „The Third Image“ during the 61th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. He is a member of the film collective LaborBerlin e.V.

Run period:
18.09.2017 – 22.09.2017
Course time:
10.00 am – 5.00 pm
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Course fee:
EUR 500

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