EGO - Visual Identity for Artists

As an artist you need to represent yourself and your work occasionally. In this three-day workshop you will learn about the basic elements of visual identity and how to use them. You will study and discuss contemporary examples of visual identities and develop your unique and distinctive identity.

In the recent years the art market has undergone rapid changes. Those who want to make a living from their art do not only require different skills, but also need the ability to represent themselves and their artwork occasionally. Whether it is in the range of arts promotion, work scholarships, promotion of artist’s catalogues, in contact with curators or in other fields of relevance. Thereby the visual self promotion is the first major barrier. In order to overcome this barrier having a clear, purposeful and personal identity – as unique and distinctive as your art – can be a great advantage. 



Day 1:

Corporate Design Basics:

What is Corporate Design? What are the basic elements of Corporate Design and what is characteristic for a good Corporate Design? Introduction to the Medium Corporate Design, Common Corporate Design Basics and discussion of Case Studies.

Is there a difference between Corporate Design for a company/institution and one for an artist – if so, which ones? When does Corporate Design work for an artist?

Start developing a Corporate Design:

Find your own brand essence. What is unique for your artwork and for you as personality? What distinguishes your artwork from other artworks? We will use different creative techniques to find it out.


Day 2:

Basis for your own Corporate Design:

Shorten your personal brand essence to one single sentence. 

Creative Brainstorming:

How can you translate your personal brand essence into visual language? 

We’ll use techniques like drawing, sketching, gluing, cutting, doing collages, discussing, etc.


Day 3:


Identify which designs are the best for representing your personal brand essence and why? Which one do you like to develop further? 

Mood board:

Develop a mood board which includes the most important elements of your Corporate Design.

Final presentation:

Everyone presents his/her own Corporate Design.




- Lectures

- Discussions

- Workshops

- Presentation of individual work



Artists (Artists, Musicians, Vocalists, Performance Artists, Actors, anyone from the field of art who feels addressed) 

What you should bring with you:

- Personal projects/work (e.g. catalogues, photographs, illustrations)

- A personal computer with installed InDesign (optionally Photoshop)

- Curiosity and openness

Nora Bilz,, raised in the south of Germany and Turin. After her training as a graphic designer at the Academy of Communication in Stuttgart she studied visual communication at the Berlin University of Arts. In 2003 she established the Berlin based design studio rotbraun Gestaltung together with Pia Schneider. She is specialized in corporate design, graphic design and digital design for medium-sized enterprises, major groups and cultural/scientific organizations. Furthermore, she gives lectures and is leading creative workshops at design academies, universities, institutions and companies.

Karin, is a visual designer based in Berlin. She studied communikation design at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design and  School of Art, Design and Media, Portsmouth. Karin Greisner has been working for various design studios and clients. After several years in a well-reputed branding firm, she established in 2010 her design studio, specialized in corporate design, editorial design and digital media. 

Run period:
01.08.2017 – 03.08.2017
Course time:
10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Application Deadline:

Course fee:
EUR 450

Min. number of participants:
Max. number of participants:

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