The Drama Works

This comprehensive four-day workshop guides participants through a series of precisely patterned exercises, where each of them demonstrates the essential elements of the dramatist’s craft, e.g. character, structure and conflict development.

The Drama Works is suitable for all those with a serious interest in dramatic and performance texts, from beginners to more experienced writers.




During the first day a shared vocabulary will be developed and it will be ensured that each participant has a strong idea for a performance text.

The following days, further exercises will be provided and supportive tutor lead will give critical feedback, accompanied by peer to peer interaction. It will aid each writer to develop his/her own ideas throughout the workshop. 

On the weekend (September 9th and 10th) will be free time for writing and no lessons.

The workshop culminates in the final day’s pitching session, an intense and professional but also supportive atmosphere, where participants present a detailed synopsis to Prof. John von Düffel and David Spencer for feedback and evaluation.    


Prof. John von Düffel and David Spencer have decades of experience in elite German, American, British and Austrian theatre training and performance institutions. This experience and extensive knowledge is enhanced by an awareness and sensitivity they have gained through their own struggles writing within the dramatic form. 

The course runs in English but both tutors speak German fluently.

Prof. John von Düffel, born in Göttingen, is one of the leading dramatists of German theatre, working as an author and dramaturg for the major theatres such as the Thalia Theater Hamburg (2000-2009) and the Deutsches Theater Berlin (since 2009). He is also a professor for dramatic writing at the Berlin University of Arts. He has adapted several novels as well as contemporary texts for the stage.

David Spencer, born in Halifax, is a dramatist and creative writing tutor at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Burgtheater Wien, and the Berlin University of Arts. His numerous plays were performed at the Royal Court Theatre in London, Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, Volksbühne Berlin.

Run period:
06.09.2018 – 11.09.2018
Course time:
10.00 am – 5.00 pm
Application Deadline:

Course fee:
EUR 550

Min. number of participants:
Max. number of participants:

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