Structure and Vitality for People and Organisation

In our workshop you are invited to have a deeper look on the dimensions and the interplay between people and their organisation. We share specific approaches and experiences for setting up a supportive frame that enhances clarity, responsibility, effectiveness and cooperation that allows evolution for people as well as organisational resilience and growth.

Why this workshop?

We need reinvention! Traditional recipes of running organizations with a hierarchical approach of command and control are done. Nowadays, people are seeking fresh and vital work approaches to embrace innovation, dealing with complexity and encouraging collaborative cultures (not just to feel good but also to survive in the era of dynamic and innovative business challenges).

This workshop will show you why your organizational context might need a reinvention, too, and explore what we need to gain the organizational ability to balance complexity as a whole.


In our workshop, you are invited to take a deeper look at the interplay between people and their organizations. We will share specific approaches and experiences for setting up a supportive frame that enhances clarity, responsibility, effectiveness, cooperation, and allows evolution for people as well as organizational resilience and growth.


  • How we can combine peoples' individual needs and the organization as a representation of peoples' cooperation?
  • How can we fulfill the vital functions of an organization like decision-making, strategy formulation in a more human-centered and cooperative way?
  • What makes an environment in which people feel good, can grow and contribute? What forms a productive organization?
  • How can we make sure that our organization's growth is organic and evolutionary? How can we make sure that it shapes its structure continuously instead of stagnating?
  • How can we create a balance between orientation on a bigger goal vs. autonomy of every part of the organization?

Instead of giving recipes, we want to explore patterns for shaping productive teams and organizations. You are invited to focus on principles and transformation aspects and share practical experience in order to support peoples' interaction within living organizations.


  • We discuss patterns and approaches.
  • We explore learning fields and challenge dogmas.
  • We make relevant aspects explicit in order to be able to work with the conscious.



This workshop is meant for young and experienced professionals, aspiring or serial entrepreneurs, members of Generation Y or Generation X, managers or employees. Leadership experiences in diverse organizations are welcomed but not necessary. Participants should be curious, willing to collaborate with others and passionate about their field of expertise.

A short mail that outlines your motivation for participating in the course would be great.

Jeong Hong Oh is a co-founder of Dark Horse Innovation, specialising in design thinking, service design and start-up thinking. Jeong Hong has consulted several startups and companies on developing business strategies as well as implementing new solutions in innovation projects for clients like DHL, Volkswagen and Bayer. He also enjoys developing new culture hacks in the business context and testing them.

Andreas Hertel, who is an Agile Coach at Hypoport AG, is fascinated by the symbiotic interaction between people and organisation. He works based on agile principles as well as the human-centered conscious interaction with omnipresent transformation and brings comprehensive practical expertise in the area of people and team development – covering both personal and organizational aspects of new work approaches. Currently, Andreas ist supporting EUROPACE AG, a subsidiary company of Hypoport AG, with their transformation into a living self-organised company.

Run period:
17.09.2019 – 19.09.2019
Course time:
10. am – 5. am
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Course fee:
EUR 450

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