Storytelling — An Introduction

The practice of storytelling enhances communicational and presentational skills, develops Imagination and the ability to improvise. Participants of this workshop will learn the basic steps of oral storytelling and how they
can give their story a unique voice.

The art of traditional storytelling has been existing since the beginning of time and was always crucial for the development of the cultures. Even now, in our modernized world, stories are inseparably linked to our lives. We tell stories every day: both our own and those of other people. Communication is unthinkable without something to tell. But what are the differences between storytelling as an art form and the every-day storytelling? How do I make a story come truly alive, be it a personal or a traditional one?

This course investigates the basic steps of oral storytelling and how we can release a story from a book or from a memory, or that is to say – how we can give the story its voice back. The work enhances communication and presentation skills, as well as develops imagination and the ability to improvise. Traditional stories are the basis for this course, but biographical and improvised material will also be used. We will focus on the playful development of the language and look at different means of physical communication. Participants will listen to stories and share experiences in reflexions and discussions.


  •     Traditional, biographical and improvised stories
  •     Performance/Demonstration
  •     A playful introduction to creative language
  •     Awareness of the body language
  •     Constructive audience feedback
  •     Reflexion and discussions



The workshop consists of mnemo- and visualization techniques, improvisation, and retelling. Participants will use storyboarding and story mapping to familiarize themselves and others with the structure of the story. All of the work is based on non-text bound telling.



The course is open to anyone interested in oral storytelling. No previous experience is required.

Ragnhild A. Mørch (BA.hons, MA) trained in storytelling, physical theatre and directing, has worked in live arts since 1996. Since 2005, she has been a full-time storyteller and focuses on storytelling as performance art both as a performer and a lecturer. She is an artistic manager of the training course Storytelling in Art and Education at the Berlin University of the Arts and performs at international festivals around Europe and North America. She tells stories in German, Norwegian and/or English.

Run period:
07.08.2020 – 09.08.2020
Course time:
10.00 am – 5.00 pm
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Course fee:
EUR 370

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